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Hi everyone! I am starting to blog out of boredom and wanting to share more about my experiences/thoughts. Just want to learn blogging to allow myself to open up more๐ŸŒ

As for today I just want to share my thoughts on my Poly life T_T. The transition being an ITE student to a poly student makes quite a difference. Of course I am happy to get into polytechnic(waited for 2 damn years) but also rather tiring and I prefer the system in ITE.
From being spoon-fed and constant nagging by teachers to do-your-own-shits-I-don’t-care and from student fare to adult fare LOL this is the most annoying one.

Not saying that poly lecturers don't care but they are just not so concerned on our personal interest(?) basically they make sure we do our learning and we understand that's all goodbye class dismiss. As for ITE, teachers are just like your parents, make sure you wake up for lessons, ask you about your life and give extra coaching if needed it was annoying but ironically, I’m missing it now.

It was hard for me to blend in at first as everyone is so punctual, 9am class 9am zhun zhun start in ITE still got grace period even if the lesson starts at 2pm >.> so I am always late but definitely not more than 10mins(smirks) much improvement as I used to be super late for lessons. It is hard to form a clique as well, everyone seems to have their own clique already and they will just stay that way as they were also from ITE so they know each other well enough they don't need extra people like me real sad :’(

All is fine, I am slowly adapting to this life and I hope fun things will continue coming in and I can’t wait to make real friends!


  1. aww seetho, you'll be able to make it!! I believe in you! (-:

    1. Thank u Ahmad!! You jiayou too hehe๐Ÿ˜›


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