In loving memory of my life in ITE

Hello everybody~ I've decided to write about my ITE life while the memory is still quite fresh so few years down the road I can read again and laugh about it. 

To be honest, joining ITE was a rash decision, ITE was never in my option. I got a pretty decent score for N level that I could eventually enter PFP but the sad part was that my English grade was not that ideal so the courses were really limited for me. So the moment when I was offered electrical engineering, which I have totally no interest in at all, ITE route came into my mind. Not to forget that I studied so hard at that point of time I was so drained I don't even have energy left for O levels urgh. And then I think I very smart confirm can score in ITE so just go for it very slack de no ragrets. 

In the years of ITE, I was rather ashamed to say that I am from ITE. I always felt like I died a little inside when I tell people that(overreacting) even though people always tell me "ITE not bad la" "A lot ITE students go poly can score very well" blablabla.

At the start, I find it really fun and during year 1, quite a lot of things happened either pleasant or unpleasant. I was basically struggling to wake up to school(as usual) even though work was still manageable but I overestimated myself, I didn't fail but I thought I could get GPA 4 or some shit but only in my dreams. 

Year 2 was the exciting part.
ITE bought us to Guiyang, China! We went there to teach students some bullshits which we don't even know well ourselves and shopping every night. Lil secret was that it's my first time taking a plane la(sua ku) still rmb how I was nervous when the plane was taking off I held onto Sherly's hand but ummm not as scary as I thought. Still, I don't like plane rides :/ 
During the 5 days in Guiyang we went to Walmart every night!! I also bought a 25rmb shirt which a lot of my friends judged me forπŸ™„ but it's one of my fav shirt until now ok I bought like 3 LOL.

Year 2 was pretty tough as I am starting to regret my choice and can't wait to graduate as I see all my secondary school friends finished their O levels getting into poly while I'm still stuck here. I dread school and if possible, I will just skip it so my attendance was pretty bad at the last semester almost can't graduateπŸ™ƒ eventually I got so tired of studying I thought of going out to work instead of schooling. Luckily I'm a coward I didn't make it into action.

One quote that motivates me was "stay focus on your path, you will get there one day doesn't mean that you're slow you're just on a different path." 

Those were the friends that made ITE life enjoyable.

After 2 years I've graduated, I've manage to stay through this bullshit what doesn't kills you makes you stronger? I am glad to have met wonderful friends and classmate. Getting on to the next phase of life, I've enjoyed this beautiful journey and no ragrets in life guiseπŸ˜› 


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