In loving memory of my life in ITE

Hello everybody~ I've decided to write about my ITE life while the memory is still quite fresh so few years down the road I can read again and laugh about it. 
To be honest, joining ITE was a rash decision, ITE was never in my option. I got a pretty decent score for N level that I could eventually enter PFP but the sad part was that my English grade was not that ideal so the courses were really limited for me. So the moment when I was offered electrical engineering, which I have totally no interest in at all, ITE route came into my mind. Not to forget that I studied so hard at that point of time I was so drained I don't even have energy left for O levels urgh. And then I think I very smart confirm can score in ITE so just go for it very slack de no ragrets.

In the years of ITE, I was rather ashamed to say that I am from ITE. I always felt like I died a little inside when I tell people that(overreacting) even though people always tell me "ITE not bad la" "A lot ITE…

Always Learning

Hi everyone! I am starting to blog out of boredom and wanting to share more about my experiences/thoughts. Just want to learn blogging to allow myself to open up more🌝
As for today I just want to share my thoughts on my Poly life T_T. The transition being an ITE student to a poly student makes quite a difference. Of course I am happy to get into polytechnic(waited for 2 damn years) but also rather tiring and I prefer the system in ITE. From beingspoon-fed and constant naggingby teachers todo-your-own-shits-I-don’t-care and from student fare to adult fare LOL this is the most annoying one.
Not saying that poly lecturers don't care but they are just not so concerned on our personal interest(?) basically they make sure we do our learning and we understand that's all goodbye class dismiss. As for ITE, teachers are just like your parents, make sure you wake up for lessons, ask you about your life and give extra coaching if needed it was annoying but ironically, I’m missing it now.